HOG[SCAN] Websites



HOG[SCAN] includes a beautiful website, that is easy to update.  Easy to use editors make creating and updating content a breeze.  Events, blogging, image galleries and web pages are so easy to create, you might just have fun doing it.  I like to tell people that if they can post to Facebook, they can create a webpage in HOG[SCAN].  If your Webmaster has ever used the Drupal open source framework, it will be second nature.

Features include

  • Built in content every Chapter needs
  • Easy content management
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization
  • Responsive design for any device

  • Role based access permissions
  • Image Galleries 
  • Event calendar with RSVP and check-in
  • Membership Managment capabilities 


HOG[SCAN] starts you off with a personalized websites built for HOG Chapters. We build you a responsive, interactive, member-oriented and tailor-made website. Build the Chapter member momentum with a creative website that attracts more web traffic from your members. 

  • With two amazing website themes to choose from. 
  • Calendar that offers members the ability subscribe to Calender of your rides and events that will show up automatically on their personal calendar.
  • Photo Gallery with easy to add all your Chapters photo albums. 
  • Secure members only area for all your Chapter newsletter 
  • Easy to Blog fields to keep latest topic updates. 


Quick & Easy

HOG[SCAN] can get your Chapter online fast with a beautiful website that is easy to update.  We strip away the noise and present your Chapter with confidence.  With easy to use editors, we make creating and updating content a breeze.  Web pages, image galleries and blogging will be easy to create, you might just have fun doing it. 


Email Management

HOG[SCAN] integrates with an Email Campaign Management service that can enhance your membership communications.  If you are currently sending all your Chapter communications from your personal email account...this is better.  If you are using Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or another email service, save your Chapter some $$.  Once you do, all of your Chapter email lists will be available on the member creation and edit pages making list management a snap. 


Role Based Permissions

HOG[SCAN] lets you customize for your Chapters different audiences.  Role Based Permissions can restrict your network access based on each of your members role within your HOG Chapter.  Our customized websites allows you to control what roles each of your members and officers have to the different levels of the system. 


Easy Contact Management

HOG[SCAN] has an already built website for your HOG Chapter using a flexible CMS (content management system) that lets you add, publish, edit or remove content from your new website easily.


Search Engine Optimization

HOG[SCAN] has built in search engine optimizations into every Chapters new website.  We have implemented various strategies to help your Chapter appear when being searched for.  Seach Engine Optimization will improve your websites ranking in search results.